Nom’s blog in a teacup…. Why a Teacup?

With porcelain so fine that you can almost see through it, walls like egg shells, so delicate that they could fracture with any amount of pressure, life is just that. For me, a teacup represents a whole array of things. Until now, I never realised exactly why I’m drawn to them. Perhaps I see them as me? A reflection of my spirit… delicate, complex, easily broken yet seemingly strong enough to stay together.

I grew up unlike most kids, not in a house but a caravan. Thirty feet long with an annex built on the side spanning the length of it, it was as comfortable as you would expect. Just what do you expect when you’re seven? For the most part, my childhood was happy however this period of my life was the toughest or so I thought. Middle of a Ballarat winter, frosts and rain and a fucking toilet, no, a fucking portaloo in a shed! As dark as black can be, my two sisters and I would endure the freezing cold, dark to pee. The early 80s were shit enough without adding living in a caravan park and later on a block of land out in the middle of nowhere to the list. I existed through this period of my life, fuck knows how, but I did. I thought my parents did what they could I guess. As an adult, I view it differently.

Ungrateful? For what? Hand me down clothes, shoes and furniture, I never had a anything new. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciated all I had, took pride in my things but searched for something “more” constantly. That more was usually through my best friend, who to this day, is still my best friend. I went without 9 times out of 10 while the kids around me enjoyed birthday parties, the latest trends, music, holidays and sports. My first ever birthday party was my 18th, I threw it for myself. I got a job to pay for my own music and clothes, and relied on friends to get me to my netball games. Holiday? You’ll love that in a later Blog.

I love tea. Black, white, peppermint, fruit flavour, how ever it comes I’ll drink it but don’t sugar it. Resembles my take on life, never sugar coated. This blog for me will be many things from a funny story, to explaining who I am and not forgetting the release blog. At times it will sting others to hear a brutal truth… If they read it of course. This blog will be about a multitude of subjects. Me mostly I think, my kids, my hubby, my parents, family and friends. There will be footy blogs, and probably food blogs and camping blogs and more than anybodies share of the word fuck. There might even be a blog on the word fuck… who knows.

What I do know though is that I endured, I’m still enduring. I am stronger than I ever knew but I still see me as one of my most fragile teacups. A pre WW2 Debden teacup, only not as old! I have so much to give, and so much to say but all in good time yeah?

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!

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