Away… just away.

Right now, I wish I was anywhere but here. Normally I’d be getting ready for our long weekend away up the river, to see the fog like the picture above, but this year we are home. Our baby turns 13, so a party is to be had.

A holiday somewhere warm and sunny would fit the bill real nicely. I’m over my day-to-day fucking shite that just keeps on a’giving… shite! Constant bitching and constant dribble. I’m over it. No longer can one express their opinion or view without offending someone else, or hurting ones feelings. People need to toughen the fuck up already and grow some fucking balls.

A while back I tossed out all the drama, walked away from sport I love, people I thought I loved and needed, who I can clearly live without, only to be bamboozled by a new lot of the same shit. Does it ever fucking end?

From people who say they’re one thing yet their actions completely blow that out the water, and it’s the complete opposite; to having to explain myself to people around me to avoid major conflict because if I speak my mind I’m a fucking bitch but if I don’t I get walked over; and then there’s the people who ignore you until they want or need something; not forgetting those who abuse you for doing the right thing and that’s okay until the shoe is on their fucking foot and the fuckers too fucking tight!

Just so over the crap people continuously dish out. It’s my fault that I work, that I volunteer and then work some more, oh and have sick kids at times so then something gets missed in a general conversation yet I’m supposed to know what’s going on because I’m a fucking mind reader, information that I should have been told about personally and it really hurts that I’m not as important as I thought I was. It’s pretty clear where I stand with that now, so have a great life! And that’s happened more than once.

Every day I speak with people who are far worse off than me, who are fighting battles I am fortunately lucky enough not to have had to deal with, those people keep me going, those people remind me that I am who I am and fuck the rest of you who think I need to change.

About the only person right now I want to be around is my hubby (and a VERY light sprinkling of family/friends), coz he checked my tatts ticket this morning and made me smile. Sitting somewhere warm with him and perhaps my kids if they start fucking appreciating shit around here, sounds real fucking pleasing. When can I leave?

I’ve turned the teapot already today and now I’m ready for the Jameson!

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