Starlight Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Starlight Blogger award by 5cheekymonkeys whom I thank very much. This award is for inspirational blogs. I don’t actually follow many blogs, but I do read a lot of random blog posts through the reader. Generally what ever catches my attention I will read. I would never consider myself to be inspirational, I’m just a normal chick, living a normal life. Some of the blog posts I have read are dealing with huge issues and personal challenges, they’re truly inspirational.

Thank you for the nomination 5cheekymonkeys, I’m a bit chuffed.

Here are the RULES:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 3 questions that are given to you.
  • Pass the award on to 6 or more other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Include the logo of the award on your blog, please never alter the logo and never change the rules.

The Questions:

What’s something you miss from your childhood? This answer should be my Mum, but truly I think I miss the freedom and carefree’ness of childhood. The never having to worry about anything except keeping warm and being fed.

Something that made you smile today? Walking the supermarket aisles with my hubby today and he requests that I make sausage rolls instead of buying them pre-made, “yours are better!” he says… Uh, well there ya go!!

Your favourite drink (not coffee!)? Jameson Whiskey straight up after a few with water and a squeeze of fresh lemon on ice.

I nominate:

A Room of My Own

Naptime Writing

Amie Writes

Put On Your Happy Face

Amanda Mininger

Random. Structured. Haphazard. All Me.

My 3 Questions Are:

Who is your one true hero? (From the heart who truly inspires you?)

What is you favourite sweet / lolly / candy?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!



One thought on “Starlight Blogger Award

  1. You’re welcome Nom, and thanks too! Totally agree with both missing the carefreeness of childhood and homemade sausage rolls! 🙂


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