Silver Balls

I was prepping for a cake today, working out what I needed to get from my suppliers, ruffling through my “cake decorating cupboard” in the laundry, because clearly I have so much cake decorating shit that it all needs a cupboard of its own to house it all. Anyways, I stack up a pile of mini plastic containers similar to the round takeaway tubs you get Chinese food in, full of varying sized and shaped little silver balls. Cachous balls. It was the leaning tower of cachous balls, which I managed to move from one shelf to the shelf below easily. Phew!

Shazzam!! My fucking hand has a Tourette moment and flicks the cachous tub tower off the shelf onto the floor below.


CCCCCSShhhhhhh, all over my laundry floor. I look at the floor in horror. Silver fucking balls rolling all over the place. My first thought was, how the hell am I going to clean up all these balls? They’re in the linen closet, under the washing machine, under the cake cupboard, scattered through the basket of clean washing next to the cupboard because they fucking bounce! Did you know they bounce? Yup all the way out into my dining room, under the dining table and computer table on the other side of the room. A thousand silver balls lying all over my tiles. The house we live in is ageing and ready to be regrouted. Deep cracks lay between many of the existing tiles as there is little or no grout left between the tiles, so all those groutless cracks now have lines of pretty little silver balls, all lined up in them… Cachous grout, oh yeah!

Shaking my head and half laughing to myself I reached for the brush and shovel to start the clean up. You know those little kids loot bag party favours, with the little silver balls inside the sealed box, where you have to get the little silver balls into the little randomly placed holes, or through a maze and they roll around and near and over and then around again and you can never get them in the fucking hole? Well, this is EXACTLY how sweeping a thousand little silver cachous balls into a plastic shovel with a brush is. They flick into the shovel, hit the back wall of it and bounce back out… repeat the process for another whole half hour as I crawl over the laundry floor and dining room floor sweeping and chasing the thousand silver balls all over the place and from between the tiles.

Yes, I was laughing, scoffing at myself sweeping balls up and watching them miss this hole the size of a shovel and watching them bounce back out like a GAZILLION times! FML right now. If I didn’t laugh I would have been crying or rocking in a corner in a foetal position.

Half a shovel of cachous balls later, I finally decided to give up and wait for the vacuuming tomorrow! I need to finish this cake…

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!


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