While I was Sleeping?

I turned forty today.

Yup, I actually made it to an age I once thought was ‘old’. I actually remember thinking, as I watched my parents make speeches about two decades ago at their own fortieths, that they were fucking old. In reality its really quite young. Sure forty years sounds like a long time, and I guess it is, but when you add the fact that we sleep about a third of it and that most women live to around 85 years of age, I’m not even half way there yet… Bonus right!?

I don’t even feel thirty, and that’s a fact. What is it to feel thirty? Or even forty for that matter? You don’t physically feel your arse start sagging, that shit just happens when you take off your firm hold tights. Nor do you see the wrinkles and lines form on your face, those fuckers just turn up in the mirror after a night on the red wine when your face has been mashed against a pillow for eight hours. Not that I’m whining about it, I’m not actually, I have embraced the whole process and appreciate the few lines I have around my eyes and (under my breath) my mothers jowls. The sagging arse isn’t so great but at the end of the day, I love my curves and if sagging is a part of that, then so be it. The Earths gravity is still working!

The grey hairs don’t bother me either, not that I have many and I think I am pretty lucky compared to some others younger than me who are salt and pepper already. That’s what’s great about ageing, the whole randomness of it all and the unpredictability of it, even the genetics involved and how our bodies and minds morph to cope with it. It really is a miraculous process in my mind. Why fight it? It’s a battle we shouldn’t fight so just go for the ride.

So my question was, what is it to be forty? I believe it is more about wisdom and life experience, the knowing who you are and being happy with who you are; and the where you’ve come from because it is this one thing that keeps you centred and grounded; and perhaps even knowing where you are going, but to me this isn’t so important, because living in the now is what matters.

Forty is fucking fabulous. Today has been the most amazing day and not because I received some beautiful gifts and was spoiled rotten (and I was!). It was hands down one of the best days of my life because the people around me told me so, they showed me so and to have all of that love and energy flowing around me, near and far means more to me than anything else in this world.

Being a part of something beautiful is rare and what I have is truly beautiful. My forty years has revealed a whole bunch of amazing things; it’s grown strong bonds with my sisters through love and adversity, over half of my life has included the one love of my life and he STILL rocks my world 23 years later, I have two awesome kids who make me so very proud every day, my golden nugget is my best friend and soul mate of 33 years who means the world to me, I won’t forget circle of friends I hold true and are many and very varied but I am so blessed to have such a loyal and honourable nest of friends in my life.

Is there really anything not to be thankful for?

Thank you everyone for my beautiful life. Humble.

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!


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