Nom’s – How did we survive? Reworked… retwerked

So the below is a Facebook Share, that a friend shared to my page suggesting it was something similar to what I would write… Correct Andi, it is, but I have a few more to add and some to amend, of course, so you will find my amendments in bold black italics… wink wink.

Nom’s How did we survive?
1. Our sandwiches contained leftover roast chicken; we didn’t have fridges in classrooms or ice bricks in our lunch boxes, but we didn’t get food poisoning. I had straz and sauce sangas all the time. There was never any roast chook after Dad had picked the bones clean, not to mention back in the day the ol’ chook was expensive, it was lamb on the menu more often than not, but I do agree with the never being sick, but that might be because I had a lunch box that looked like this! $_35
2. We rode bikes without helmets or adult supervision or bike paths but we mostly just ended up with scarred knees. Or if you’re me… Bike and Wire Racks are for Dinkin’
3. Our mothers wiped our faces with spit on a hanky not an antibacterial wipe. Ha, this makes me laugh out loud for real… Mum’s breath was the WORST! Coffee and cigarette saliva spat onto the edge of her sleeve or hanky if she had one handy, and if no sleave, her freaking ciggy finger! YUMMY!!
4. Tuckshop was sausage rolls and cream donuts but kids were wiry and fast. What school did this girl go to? No bloody tuck shop at the Clunes PS. Just the Top Shop and Heinze’s for a Lunch Order.
5. Our parents rarely knew our teachers’ names, let alone their NAPLAN prep strategy. Mum knew every single teacher, and was friends with a few of them. I have some fond memories outside of the playground and class room that involved mine or my sisters teachers.
6. When our teachers would whack us, we wouldn’t tell our parents for fear of getting punished again, so we avoided trouble in the first place. No whackin’ just the black board dusters or pieces of chalk flying across the class room, but they weren’t aimed at me, I was an angel!
7. Our trampolines were netless and sometimes hosed with water and a squirt of Palmolive for extra slipperiness. Yeah totally! Line the swings up next to the tramp so we could jump off the top bar of the swing set and onto the slippery wet tramp, zipping across the tramp and off the other side… those were the days!
8. What was said on the playground stayed on the playground. Really? I remember that shit going all the way to the pool, the footy and every bloody where else.
9. We went on camps and excursions without 18 forms to be signed and witnessed. Yup, if you were lucky enough and had parents that could afford to let you go…
10. As toddlers, we rode in supermarket trolleys without padded trolley liner thingys. I can’t really comment on this one, don’t ever remember sitting in one, although later on we had races and spinning comps in them in the car park at Half Case in Ballarat, behind my Uncle Arthurs house.
11. Angry teachers were treated with caution. We just prayed for a nice one next year. This girl must have gone to a really poo school, no one hated our teachers unless you were an arse!
12. Weekends were about our parents’ social lives. As kids, we played murder in the dark while parents talked with their friends and forgot we existed. Ha ha, t’is true, although most of my weekends were hanging at the Club Hotel with Mum & Dad, with the rest of the towns kids… yup, prime parenting right there!
13. Generally, we went to the closest school, not the best one. Or the only one in my case.
14. Kids got scared before parent-teacher interviews, not teachers. Huh? Scared of what…? This girl must have been naughty.
15. We got ourselves to Saturday sport and told tall tales about how the win was won. Yeah I did that too, hitching rides to different towns for footy/netty each Satdi, not much gum slapping after it though, too busy drinking…
16. Helping with the washing up was as important as homework. Still is in this house… Why wouldn’t this be instilled in the home nowadays?
17. Birthday parties were fairy bread and Fanta, not fruit kebabs and face painting. Ha, not at our house chick, I only had one birthday party, don’t remember my sisters having any either, but really, what’s the diff, so long as ya having a ball, fruit kebabs are yummy!
18. When a kid was injured, people felt sorry for her parents. They didn’t ask what the hell were they thinking letting her climb that tree anyway. Right… ummm, not sure what kind of parent friends you have chick, but mine don’t judge me every time Colby runs into or wraps himself around a pole at school while playing on the basketball courts. He keeps us entertained.
19. Cubby houses were built by kids not bought from Toys R Us. Yup this is true, but how many yards have a tree now days. Hard argument.
20. If you did badly in a test, you got a talking to, not a cuddle. Yeah, that’s true, not for me though, I was an angel remember…
21. A pocket-knife was a perfectly acceptable gift for a 10-year-old. LMAO… since when? Unless you live in the sticks and need it for skinning rabbits.
22. If anyone got air conditioning in their bedroom, it was mum and dad. Nah, never had air con. Oh wait, does the rolling evap water cooler that we all sat pushing each other around for the cool moist air count?
23. Family holidays came before kids’ sporting schedules. We never had a family holiday, except Dad’s working trip we made to Sydney for a period of three months that I really need to blog about… “My Ding’a’ling”
24. Your dad’s desire to watch Four Corners trumped your need to watch Battlestar Galactica. Not sure Dad has ever watched Four Corners… ever. And, I have NEVER seen Battlestar Galactica. T.V. wasn’t really our thing.
25. A teacher could put mercurochrome on a scraped knee without obtaining our parents’ permission and completing an ‘incident report’. You were lucky if you got that. Brush ya off, and pat on the back and off ya go was about it.

Geez, this chick and I really don’t have that much in common hey?

26. A playdate was walking to a friend’s house, ringing the doorbell and saying, ‘Can Cathy come and play?’ Was it? That’s if I ever left Caroline’s house… and really, I never knocked. lol
27. School excursions happened without a ‘risk assessment’ and a two to one kid / parent volunteer ratio. I don’t really think this is a bad thing, perhaps over the top at times, but for good reason in the city.
28. There was no padding on netball hoop posts. Yeah baby, I ran into a few of them in my day… and so does my son now days lol…
29. No one wrote names on cups at parties. Nup, germ it up!
30. You could offer your friend a bite of your hot dog. You still can… really.
31. If the bus driver yelled at you, the bus driver didn’t get in trouble, you did. Or you had a Bus Coordinator, like ME! Who yelled for the bus driver man. Ha ha. Those were the days, bossin’ people around.
32. If you didn’t make a team, you tried harder or tried something else. Yeah true, no picking Johnny because he might get a broken heart.
33. Pass the parcel had one winner. Still does in this house, I’m happy to break a heart or two, toughens them up.
34. There was one kind of milk. It was full cream and it was delicious. Straight from the udder… Peg’s udder.
35. Meat was bought at the butcher, and was packed without a use-by date. Our parents used their noses to tell if the mince was off. Still do that too, and I think most people do.
36. Getting one present on your Christmas wish list was good result. If you got anything at all!
37. Drives of longer than an hour happened without supplies of rice crackers and juice. Bloody oath they did, like four hours with two dogs and three kids in the back of a car; farting dogs, fighting girls and panting dogs breathing all over you, drool from the puffing coz the back seat was cramped and hot with pillows and books and pencils and maybe a doona, and sometimes an extra kid because we never wore seat belts and then when you get to the Hindmarsh Shire the roads get bumpy and dad starts swearing at the council, THAT was fun!
38. Going to the shops/church/the nursing home to visit Nan was boring as hell but could be endured without an iPad. Yup she’s right…
39. School holidays were about not being at school, not soccer workshops, art classes and pony camp. What’s wrong with keeping kids busy? What ever blows ya mow back or peels ya banana right?
40. Being tired was no excuse for being rude. LOL, yes it was. But you would get a backhand for doing it.
41. You had to do something great to get a ‘student of the week’ award. Not just show up at school Pretty sure we never had student of the week, just showing up to watch our Principal, Mr Drow’s comb over blow ‘back over’ was enough to keep me at school. HAHA!!!

42. Oh shit, I never graduated Kinder… or Grade 6…. ha ha. How did I ever become an adult?

43. We didn’t just get chocolate at Easter, it meant new pyjamas and a dressing gown or winter coat.

44. Mum didn’t cook five meals to please us all, it was one, just like MY HOUSE!!

45. We didn’t have a Vitamin D deficiency because nobody wore shades. How are we surviving NOW?

46. I used to put coins in my mouth, and notes… yup I’m still kicking but would encourage my kids not to do it now.

So there ya have it.

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!


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