It’s a SMALL World

I wrote this blog while holidaying… Please take me back!?

Currently I am blogging from the now dark 7pm, humid and hot Trinity Beach; a ‘beach suburb’ if you like, North of the Cairns CBD. Beautiful Queensland never disappoints. Warm nights and days even if it is raining, wind that isn’t cold and nights that don’t require more than a sheet. I’d move here tomorrow if I could. Not just because of holiday reasons, but for the weather, the local people and rawness of the area if you get away from the touristy side of things. Which we did.

Of course we’ve been ticking off the tourist list while we’ve been here for a short nine days so far and documenting it in Us’ies; watching the crazy croc attack show, feeding crocs and wandering with the local wildlife down the road at Hartleys; eating out at local restaurants dining on the freshest local fish; and then driving the winding local roads to visit crystal clear fresh-water swimming holes so ancient and isolated that the hairs on the back of your neck stand up; sunny days snorkelling with tropical fish, a freaking shark and the Chinese tourists at Green Island – The Great Barrier Reef; and what’s a trip to Cairns without a Skyrail cable car ride through the tropical treetop canopy up the hill to Kuranda, a picturesque village nestled in the hills where you can watch local bees make honey or fresh candy be rolled and snapped into bite sized morsels of loveliness; we strolled the lonely beaches that meet the foot of the Daintree Forest and each night watched the blanket of night fall arrive so quickly, as Cairns never sees a sunset. The wealth of things to do in the Far North of Queensland is only limited to the depth of your hip pocket and your imagination, and we gave both a workout!

I’ve been flying to Cairns for time out with girl-friends for three years now, and this year I decided that because of my fortieth birthday prior in August, I wouldn’t holiday with the “girls’ this year, I would head away with my family. Planning started and in amongst the planning came a new Facebook friend; someone from way back, the daughter of my dad’s work mate from decades ago.

The last time I saw her some twenty plus years ago, she was playing indoor cricket, had a room full of trophies and medals from every sport you can think of. She was what you would typically call, without labelling someone, a tomboy. Well she’s still all that but without the trophy room now and a lot less tomboy, settled with her two daughters and hubby in a ‘beach town’ I envy!

Like I said, it’s a small world really and to find out that she lived just two streets from the apartments I had booked into, I was gobsmacked. Even furthermore when I learned that my besties husband was her husbands best friend at school… Like I said, it’s a small world!

Catching up with a local meant that in a secret fashion we were granted ideas and things to do, off the normal ‘visitors guide’. What was worth seeing and what isn’t. Where to swim and were NOT to swim. The horror!Being social in a comfortable setting certainly gives a different feel to visiting a tourist area. Sitting behind a hand crafted bar on her balcony, swigging Carlton Mids and chin wagging about our lives now, while the kids swim downstairs in the apartment complex pool that they live in. Those hours whiled away easily and rolled into a meal out at one of their favourite places to eat, Yorky’s Knob Yacht Club. This was some kind of special! Holidays normally mean time away from doing those normal social things, particularly when you go somewhere where you don’t know anyone, but this, in a weird kind of way made it more like a place ‘where family live’. Sipping a cuppa with a mate was awesome, and then later a BBQ with smoke that stung my eyes to tears and made us laugh while the ceiling fan on the balcony tried to clear the air on that steamy night. Great memories I won’t forget.

Our holiday included eating the best fish’n’chips in town, listening to the waves crash in on Trinity Beach while the boys fooled around with a coconut; access to local freshwater swimming holes that tourists don’t see, even if the water was too low to enjoy fully, it was still beautiful; and then the day trips to places the locals love to go on their days off; Cape Tribulation, crossing the Daintree River on a ferry, and eating organic ice-cream made from locally grown fruits and trees; lunch at the Jungle Bar in PK’s Jungle Hideaway which truly is hidden away and we would never have known it was there if a local hadn’t have said, “you guys need to see out here!”. It is endless. We crammed in SO much stuff into ten full days, including the mandatory lazing round the pool catching some magical bronze and reading a book or bopping to some tunes.

Trinity Beach – We will be back!

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!



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