Congratulations – 50 Blogs

Well, what do ya know. Todays message from Word Press is…

“Congratulations on posting your 50th Blog”.

Who would have thought I had penned, ha ha, tapped out 50 blogs?

So to celebrate, here are the links to my favourite ten blogs.

#1 : Decade; heart for a heart.

#2 : Washing

#3 : Fucket List

#4 : Shart

#5 : Boy Child AKA Son #1

#6 : Towel & Trough

#7 : Dootz

#8 : Tater Patties

#9 : Fountain

#10 : Pumpkin Patch & Popcorn

Let me know yours!

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!




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