Australian Private Health Insurance – The fucking JOKE of the country!

Today I wrote a short email to our Honourable Minister of Health, Sussan Ley MP.

Safe to safe, I didn’t swear but I’m not fucking happy JAN!!!



Hello  Sussan,

Firstly, thank you for beginning the conversation regarding the value of the current Private Health System here in Australia. I wasn’t able to fill out the survey as I didn’t know it existed until today, but I would still like to put my personal point of view across, if I may?

We are a hard working couple with two teenage boys, who have been covered in the system for over a decade. A decade is a long time; watching premiums rise every year and the ability to claim fall. We are currently covered with HCF, which I thought was, in my opinion the best value for us. Hospital and extras cover, and we also have separate Ambulance because of the stupid loop holes that Private Health has regarding the use of an ambulance.

After my conversation with a HCF consultant today, it is very likely we will be ceasing our cover, as it is a huge waste of money. We pay almost $300 per month and I called today to find out if I could claim an optical appointment expense that our eldest son attended last week, to be told that “no, we do not cover any specialist appointments/outpatient appointments” and that the $175.00 fee from the Optometrist was covered by Medicare for $75.72 and the remainder was out of pocket, just under $100.

I am livid!

Absolutely gutted and so let down. I cannot reiterate how disappointed I am in the whole situation and I wonder if it’s all worthwhile? What is the point of paying almost $3500.00 per year for a service not to be provided? There is NO SECURITY in it and we are better off paying the Medicare levy and surcharges (that we have to pay anyway even though we are insured) and just hope to the heavens that nothing serious happens.

What is being done about this? Is it worthwhile keeping it for the sake of future reform of the system?

I think I might just bank that $138.00 a fortnight instead!

I would love a response from you. Some clarity of the whole system, and if and when it will ever get the huge shake up and reality check it needs. Penalising people who pay good money for peace of mind by not honouring that trust and financial outlay is dishonourable and downright misleading.

Yours sincerely,