The Reach.

I have a few friends doing it tough at the moment. This is for them.

By doing it tough I mean, living lives they didn’t expect they would be. Like most of us I guess. Divorce. Anxiety. Financial strain or extra mouths to feed. Addiction and recovery. Grief and loss. Depression. It is endless.

Today for many, is a constant struggle. Just to get out of bed, or to even get dressed; or maybe not making that peanut butter sanga, because they just can’t justify using the peanut butter, and instead saving it for one of the mouths they need to feed, and so they stay hungry so others will eat.

The struggle is real and it is profound, if you only take notice. They do ask for help, perhaps not verbally or directly, but through their energy or ‘vibe’.

Listen to them. Hear them.

Answer them. Be there.

Be that one person that doesn’t judge, but whom they are accountable to. The person they know will ask “how are you doing?”

I have my own demons, but I also have those around me who recognise when things are not right. I can ask for help, but many others can’t, or simply won’t. Their pride, ego, self esteem or just simply their pain stops them from reaching out. Help them by stepping forward, so they don’t need to reach too far.

Making someone smile and letting them know that they aren’t alone, is sometimes the one difference they need in that one single moment. Many live in the moment, wondering how they can move away from it. Perhaps it’s the past, or worry about a future? No matter when or where, its real and they feel it.

So, to the few in my world that this little blog is for, keep on swimming and keep on being, continue to love and push on forward. The world is waiting for you to be your best.

You can be, and will be okay, if not today, then there is always tomorrow.

When you reach for the teapot or cup of tea today… do it with a smile and with someone who just needs a friend, and of course, make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!


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