Happy Valentines Day everyone! Yeah, it’s that day of the year again where you fit into one of the following categories:

  • Spoiled by gifts and affection and find yourself uploading to social media for the world to see
  • Receive nothing and it makes you so angry your mouth foams like a rabid dog
  • Don’t give a shit but still acknowledge the day by saying the mandatory line to your significant other
  • Don’t give a shit but are guilt tripped into it by your significant other to pretend you give a shit
  • Do the washing, fold the washing, get grocery shopping done, light housework and feed the house and then remember it’s V-Day but don’t give a shit…

Regardless of where you fit into this list, perhaps you don’t, there is always the Herald Sun’s Pullout section -The Love Book to get you through the day. With coffee in hand I began the perusing and came across some regular patterns and here’s what I found. *Secretly I was checking to see if Ben gave a shit… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

People really are ‘in love’ and still call each other pet names, even Bae; which means poo in Danish. That’s true love right? “I love you Poo”.

WP_20160214_12_28_21_Pro  WP_20160214_12_26_25_Pro

There’s always a little mystery… met at the tennis or they have a pet hawk? Stallion… NEIGH!!! Go you wild thing!

WP_20160214_12_18_01_Pro WP_20160214_12_30_30_Pro

Thank the heavens for Tinder but what if they’d swiped left?

WP_20160214_12_26_59_Pro WP_20160214_12_29_49_Pro

What about trying to get your point across in more than two lines for FREE… Tight arse!! Margot, are you feeling the immense love from random tight person?

WP_20160214_12_28_28_Pro WP_20160214_12_27_13_Pro

Or perhaps it’s a bunch of smart arse friends taking the piss? Poor Gavin Scott.


Same sex lovers….??? (Had to take the opportunity to get my name in there – it all fitted, thanks Josh!)

WP_20160214_12_26_06_Pro WP_20160214_12_25_19_ProWP_20160214_12_27_48_ProWP_20160214_12_17_45_Pro WP_20160214_12_28_44_Pro

Or just plain weird; bleeding walrus.. that’s passion alright, and I think you mean planets?!

WP_20160214_12_26_32_Pro WP_20160214_12_27_06_Pro

And then there is acceptance for who you are no matter your ‘hand size’, what you eat or don’t eat (or suck), how you look or what you ‘have’… Alec, just WHAT did you give him/her??

WP_20160214_12_28_37_Pro WP_20160214_12_28_10_Pro WP_20160214_12_30_19_Pro WP_20160214_12_26_42_Pro WP_20160214_12_25_47_Pro WP_20160214_12_18_21_Pro WP_20160214_12_17_10_Pro WP_20160214_12_25_47_ProWP_20160214_12_16_54_Pro

Oh and don’t forget the true secret admirers and sexual trysts going on around us;

WP_20160214_12_31_09_Pro WP_20160214_12_30_37_Pro WP_20160214_12_28_59_Pro WP_20160214_12_18_11_ProWP_20160214_12_29_58_ProWP_20160214_12_25_11_Pro WP_20160214_12_29_41_Pro

There is always a few with a political agenda or point to make;

WP_20160214_12_29_32_Pro WP_20160214_12_25_40_Pro

WP_20160214_12_28_52_Pro WP_20160214_12_26_14_Pro

And those who have love and lost, and still trying to find it 😥

WP_20160214_12_30_56_Pro WP_20160214_12_17_38_ProWP_20160214_12_25_28_Pro WP_20160214_12_27_38_Pro

Teachers, parents and family members all get some love too, even if I had to cook my own eggs this morning, so long as Mum and Dad NG are feeling the love :/

WP_20160214_12_30_46_Pro WP_20160214_12_17_29_Pro WP_20160214_12_25_55_ProWP_20160214_12_30_11_Pro WP_20160214_12_29_15_Pro

Oh and the old school tree scratching N.R. 4 B.R. kind of love. Nawwww, can you feel it?Huh?

WP_20160214_12_27_24_Pro WP_20160214_12_28_02_Pro

Even Lisa and Ralph, and Steve get a mention as Elvis Cruises plugs them self.

WP_20160214_12_18_32_Pro WP_20160214_12_27_32_Pro WP_20160214_12_29_05_Pro WP_20160214_12_26_50_Pro

So there really is something for everybody.

I hope you all had a fab Sunday, and for those of you with broken hearts and wishing for a bunch of flowers, or chocolate from random man riding a horse, holding flowers coming down your driveway… there’s always next years edition of the Love Book.

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!






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