365 Days of Us: Day 6

I’m not sure if anyone took any pictures on Easter Sunday? Easter Bunny did visit though and an Easter Egg hunt was had. But while all that blur was whirring around me I know I didn’t take one. I’m sorry for that. I am sorry for the dark nature of this post and the one preceding it. It should have been a happy one on Easter Sunday.

I was reeling from the living nightmare going on around me, around my family, around my beautiful friends living it with us. Watching my husband and his guilt consume him, and feeling the guilt consume me too. Watching our children trying to process it all… the worst.

The anger for being in the boat and then the not being in the boat, the sadness, heavy foreboding guilt and the loss of a happy soul, gut wrenching grief and pain not just emotional but physical too with sore eyes and aching hearts.

The reality of it setting in that I would never see my Gussy boy again.

His empty bed and the smell of him on his blanket.


365 Days of Us: Day 5


This picture was not taken on Day 5. This is Good Friday – Day 4 of 365 Days of Us but I don’t care.

Gus was loving life, and cuddles. He loved the dirt and all the excitement of everything new to him. The bush noises at night that required his warbling growls and protective barking while strutting around the tent.

I haven’t taken a picture since Good Friday. This is the last picture I took of Gus and this is how I will remember him… forever sleeping.

Day 5, Saturday 26th of March. Our beautiful boy Gus will forever be on holiday on the Murray River.

Rest In Peace Gus.

Gone but not forgotten and so very, very loved.

365 Days of Us: Day 4


This is what it’s all about… family, kids, cricket, dirt, good friends, laughs and having a ball. Who doesn’t love a bit of Camping Cricket?

365 Days of Us: Day 3

EXCITED! If I could exclaim an exclamation in real life grammar I would, but for those of us who know a little about the exclamation mark, you’re not really supposed to use more than one…

Anyways, Easter is here, Murray River here we come…

365 Days of Us: Day 2


This photo incites an array of feelings; awe, fascination, surprise, wonder, pride. Doing as they were asked, my ‘Masters of the Washing’ hung out a load… Questions under my breath as I unpeg them run out of my mouth;

  • “how is this possible with your breeding?”
  • “have we run out of pegs?”
  • “who pegs a blouse sideways?”
  • “how is that hoodie still hanging up?”
  • “jeans with one peg by the leg?”

Thank you for hanging out the washing boys, I appreciate your efforts, really I do.

At what age do you think one begins hanging clothes with intent and precision?

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!


365 Days of Us… Day 1.

So I thought I would start something a little different this year. Today is as good as any day right? Bit unlike starting a diet, I am not waiting until Monday!

Once a day, each and every day, I take a photo of something that has moved, enraged, made me swoon, started the butterflies, perhaps made me cry, or laugh, even sweat or made me bored… They will be quick reads, and prolific, being one a day but hopefully by the end of the 365 days we will have some laughs, F-bombs and maybe a cry or two.

So here it goes.


This is my shoe. Say “Hello Shoe!”…

This shoe is half of a pair that cost me $85.00 on sale. It now has an extra place for a buckle, and a beautiful flappy bit hanging off the side and some sexy milk-tooth scuffing around the toe. All courtesy of Gus, my 20 week old Fox Terrier who eats fucking everything!

He is currently free to a good home – until I calm down and then I will love him again.

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!