365 Days of Us… Day 1.

So I thought I would start something a little different this year. Today is as good as any day right? Bit unlike starting a diet, I am not waiting until Monday!

Once a day, each and every day, I take a photo of something that has moved, enraged, made me swoon, started the butterflies, perhaps made me cry, or laugh, even sweat or made me bored… They will be quick reads, and prolific, being one a day but hopefully by the end of the 365 days we will have some laughs, F-bombs and maybe a cry or two.

So here it goes.


This is my shoe. Say “Hello Shoe!”…

This shoe is half of a pair that cost me $85.00 on sale. It now has an extra place for a buckle, and a beautiful flappy bit hanging off the side and some sexy milk-tooth scuffing around the toe. All courtesy of Gus, my 20 week old Fox Terrier who eats fucking everything!

He is currently free to a good home – until I calm down and then I will love him again.

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!


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