Nissan – Innovation that supposedly excites?

It’s a nice marketing slogan yeah? Straight up… I’m not excited. Not one fucking iota, and here’s why.

We purchased a second-hand Patrol in November 2015, 12 months old from Nissan Dealership in Hoppers Crossing. Fact. Loving the car but it has a couple of issues that need to be tweaked before we can take it home. Can handle that. Issues rectified; or so we thought, driving home with it the huge chip in the windscreen reappears and apparently the windscreen they were supposed to REPLACE wasn’t… not a good start Nissan Hoppers Crossing. Tyres that were on it were Bridgestone but very worn so we asked to be replaced thinking it would be kind for kind, but clearly not, lets exchange for a cheap alternative tyre, of course. Tried to argue this, but Nissan wouldn’t budge. New windscreen fitted. Patrol spent two days at Nissan.

Move along to a few weeks later and we notice a bit of a crunch in the clutch. Book it in to get it looked at, apparently nothing is wrong, and it meets standards… Move forward to the New Year, clutch still not ‘right’ so we book it in to be looked at again. Same thing, we will note it in the system, but ‘it’s within the standards’.

So then we book it in for the 60,000K service just before Easter. This is the ‘Free Service’ after purchasing a vehicle that Nissan offer you. Looking in the Service Manual, it is a big service, filter changes, oil changes and the likes; we also tell them the following complaints that need to me repaired.

  • Aircon isn’t working on numbers 1, 2 and 3 but works flat knacker on 4.
  • Clutch still not right.
  • Front Passenger seat slides when braking.
  • Snorkel is leaking.

So three days later we go to collect the car, pop the hood and straight away all the paint dots on all the filters are still there… Aircon and snorkle not fixed because they have to order parts due to their warranty policies – fair enough – but what about the filters? We get the service book out, double check they’re supposed to be done at the 60,000K service and yep, they’re on the list. Back into the office we go and by this stage Ben has steam coming out his ears.

Answer: We (Nissan) don’t follow the service book issued by the manufacturers, all the filters are changed at 40,000K increments.

What the fuck were Nissan actually doing with the car for THREE DAYS if none of this was done?

I am flabbergasted. Ben is a tick away from knocking this Service Consultants head off. Add to all the frustration, that you can’t understand the guys broken English and we were furious. We rebook the car to have it all fixed, filters replaced and off we went in our un-serviced car. It just so happens that on the way out the drive, we run into the Service Managers, manager. Great! So we explain the issues, again, and immediately he says, the air con problem is the resister… What the fuck! Okay, so he knows exactly what the issue is, yet he hasn’t even looked at the car. Clearly this is a common fault and surely can be fixed immediately, right? Wrong. They need to order the part in, through warranty. He apologies, we accept and head for home. Take note: ORDER PART IN.

Fast forward three weeks to Monday 4th April. I drive to Nissan in Hoppers Crossing to drop of the Patrol to get all it needs done after confirming over the phone on the Friday that it was booked in. Low and behold the fucking car isn’t booked for Monday, it’s Wednesday. Of course it is. Big breath. So me, being me says, fix this shit and fix it right now… and if you think I am paying ONE RED CENT you have another thing coming after the Service Manager tries to tell me we will need to pay for the filters. I leave with a loan car that isn’t a loan car, it’s the Service Managers ‘ride’. Livid!

Phone call Thursday, car is ready, so we assume they haven’t touched it for two full days and left it until Wednesday to complete. Filters are changed, snorkel replaced, seat replaced and aircon – NOT WORKING. Ben sits in the car for five minutes to calm down, then into the office he goes… the service counter guy says to Ben “How are you today”… Ben, seething by this stage replies, “did you really just ask me that?” After a brief and very direct conversation it is explained that the air con has had two resisters put in it and they both shorted out… Umm hang on a minute, I though these had to be ordered in? You don’t have one in stock, you ordered ONE, right? Ben insists he is not leaving with the Patrol, and that he is taking the loan car again and the Patrol needs to be fixed immediately.

Next day, Friday afternoon, Ben calls to find out what the go is, and if he can he collect the Patrol? He is put on hold and 8 minutes later is disconnected. No call back, nothing.

So it’s Saturday morning now. The 9th of April. Nissan have had our car for a total of 6 full days for filter changes and repairs. I have decided I will go looking for their complaints department and of course, you have to complain to your nearest dealer! Not fucking likely. There is no Complaints Division that I can find, which makes it extremely convenient, correct?

My next step… Mr Richard Emery, CEO at Nissan Motor Company.

I’m coming for you mate. You watch me! This is not good enough. People complaining all over the world, just google the words Nissan and Complaint in the same word search.

And by the way, Definition of Innovation:


  1. the action or process of innovating.
    • a new method, idea, product, etc.:

What a joke! Here’s a new idea for you Mr Richard Emery; take care of your customers, improve your customer service. Your customers aren’t happy and we pay your huge salary.

I don’t appreciate having parts replaced with inferior brands; I don’t appreciate portions of the Manufacturers Service Manual being missed, even if it is Nissan policy to do so; I don’t appreciate being treated like just another person; I don’t appreciate being lied to and jobs not completed when I am told they were; I don’t appreciate the attitude from your Customer Service staff, and watching them speak the same way to other customers while I am there; I don’t appreciate the length of time it takes to get scheduled services done; I don’t appreciate the inconvenience, but most of all, I don’t appreciate that I can’t contact a Complaints Department directly, my dealer is doing NOTHING right, why the hell would I go there?!


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