Tuesday. 12th April 2016.

Meet BuZZO, Team Mindfreak… he’s one of Australia’s COD Pros. Yes.. he’s a Call of Duty Professional Player, and here he is on FOX Sports because now gaming and COD in particular is a freaking sport!

This was night one of a two day Championship, a 3 hour special that we recorded for Mitch. What the hell is this world coming to, and why isn’t PS2’s Sponge Bob and the Golden Spatula a sport too?

Ben and I sat for a good five minutes trying to get the gist of the lingo being flung around between the commentating panel. A panel of three grown men can you believe? They were totally digging it; analysing BuZZO’s weapon selection and his strengths and weaknesses while jiggling a controller.

I really think I’ve seen it all now.