365 Days of Us: Day 34

Monday. 25th April 2016.


I spent most of the day with Colby. We were up at 4am to watch the dawn service in Altona. I couldn’t choose one photo from today, so there are four. We then headed into the city to watch the ANZAC Day AFL match, Collingwood V Essendon at the MCG.

Our country is steeped in war history. More than once I welled up for not just ‘ours’ but the entire ‘worlds’ fallen; all those who have served, and those who are currently serving. My thoughts too for all the innocent lives marred, stopped short and forever damaged by war and its footprints it left behind. Enduring horrors that will continue to exist while we are tucked up in our beds.

For me it’s a time to reflect not just on the past and what we need to be thankful for, but also to reflect on the fickle balance of humanity and protection. You cannot have one without the other, and the loss and anguish that protection can force upon us while maintaining our humanity is what I believe makes us so fragile. There is always something to be learned from war, from the outcome of war, from the ongoing damage it does to every living thing on this Earth.

Honour. Courage. Fortitude. Pride. Heritage.

Lest we Forget.




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