365 Days of Us: Day 35

Tuesday. 26th April 2016.

One Tutu, two tutu, three tutu, four,

five tutu, six tutu then a few more,

Thirteen bright tutus, fluffed out in a row

Ready to follow us where ever we go.

T’was two years ago now that we met at the pub,

our tutus all ready to celebrate love,

Lana the hen in a mixed tutu frock

And all her guests ready to run a great muck.

We piled on the bus with our esky and laughs,

only stopping at pubs and for pees in the grass,

Mr Bus Driver laughed and he was a great sport,

and finally it ended with more shots of some sort.

Ha ha, was a great night!


Lana’s Hens Day 26th April 2014.

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