Fucket List Updated

So unbelievably, today I took a phone call today from shall I say, a work associate of sorts, whom I’ll refer to as Cee. Someone I have never met or spoken to before today. It was a brief chat about my blog page and it’s content; how I got started, how do I choose my topics and the likes. I’m a little chuffed to be honest that my fabulous Boss referred my blog to Cee, and even more chuffed that she thought the Fucket List Blog was her favorite. *Insert blushing* I apologised for my ‘potty mouth’ and she too admitted to having one.

From that conversation came a thought that I should update you all on my Fucket List progress. Clearly just for those of you who give a rats arse. Don’t judge though because I’m super fucking busy and fitting some of this stuff in is fucking near impossible.

  1. Have my long over due echocardiogram done… yes I know, fuck it, it’s not really my idea of fun either but at least I’ll know my ticker is still okay. Ticker is A-Ok, had the echo done ages ago, because I needed it cleared before I could donate blood… Smears ‘n’ Echos
  2. Tell my boys and my hubby that I love them every day. I tell them everyday anyways but fuck it, they’re gunna keep hearing it. I never heard it as a kid. Doing this with a few extra bits like cuddles in public which creates some squirming in a 15 year old… I’m such a bitch!
  3. I’m going to jump off the Altona Pier, yup fuck that too, just not at low tide! Summer didn’t arrive this year… and I’m kinda reconsidering coz I like my spine all attached and shit.
  4. Play a game of Scrabble and use a 10 point tile on a triple points square TWICE in the same game! Yeah take that Scrabble board. You watch me slap down those words zoo and xray on your bright red squares. Need someone to play with. Volunteers please?
  5. Borrow a Nintendo Console and play Mario Bros all day. Housework? Fuck it, I’m going to clock that shit! Can’t get hold of a fucking console…let alone an entire day to myself. Why did I even consider this one?
  6. Learn a second language, thinking Greek or Italian. Been on my mind most of my life so fuck it, I’m going to give that a whirl. Started this – Greek, but haven’t gone back to it yet. Might try Japanese instead, because then I can practice with the boys. Colby is pretty good already after 2 years at school… there’s hope for me yet!
  7. Touch a snake, yes a real one. I’m shitting proverbial bricks already! Okay so I got close to this one…. Omen?… Perhaps? Snake… YUP!
  8. Finish the lace edging on my Great Grandmothers tablecloth, (that she started). It’s been sitting in my closet for almost ten years so fuck it all, I better just get it done yeah? Haven’t even gone there. Perhaps this winter?
  9. Drink a pot of Stout.. crook! Ugh, fuck it, why don’t I just skull it…? Yeah why don’t I? Who’s bloody idea was that? Might get this done this weekend, so stay tuned when I win $6500 at a footy function.
  10. Ride a horse again… I’ll just wear all three of my bras, fuck it, maybe my tits will rip right off! Bought a new sports bra last week so this can be on the cards now and guess what… I bought another three with it! No anxiety like What ever you call ’em…
  11. Donate blood. I hate needles but hey, fuck it, let’s go get a free bickie and cup of tea. Did attempt to do this, but needed the echo done and haven’t gone back… might look at this one next week.
  12. Run 10 kilometres again. Probably going to take me a while to get to that stage again coz fuck I’m unfit. Ha… I am dreaming aren’t I.
  13. Eat a packet of Popping Candy. Might seem simple to you but I couldn’t stand the sensation as a kid. My head will explode. This scares the living beegeezus out of me.
  14. Change my bed linen for seven days in a row, just so I can pretend I’m in a swanky motel. Who doesn’t fucking love the feel of fresh sheets? Once a week is working good. Fresh sheet Mondays are the bomb, ready for GoT date night, wink wink. 365 Days of Us: Day 41
  15. I’m going to chuck a party for all my “Goddies”, all seven of them just coz I want to. I’m working on this one.
  16. Weld some steel together. LOL yeah I’m serious, I reckon I’d be good at it. While I’m at it I might even use a grinder and grind that shit too! I’m gunna look rocking in my leg warmers and leotard doing Flash Dance in Ben’s shed. Ben won’t let me in his shed… reminder to nag at him more?
  17. If I can find a friend we’re going to play Elastics, like the good old primary school days. I was sooo fucking good at that game. Played with my niece Shae & SIL Tania was fun! 🙂 I am no longer good.
  18. Start writing letters again and actually fucking post them. Be ready people, I’m getting some ‘pen friends’! Started writing to my niece Lil, so exciting, and over due. Will write another tomorrow I think and add my other nieces to the list.
  19. Chop down a fresh pine tree for Christmas this year. Who has a little beat box car I can lend at the end of the year? My sisters and I have some chopping to do! Christmas is at my house this year so its HAPPENING!!
  20. Write my memoirs. Have started it… work in progress so stay tuned.

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!


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