365 Days of Us: Day 69

Monday. 30th May 2016.

This is a REAL toaster. Back in the day, my uncle and aunt had one of these and we loved it. You had to pull the spring-loaded side down and flip the half toasted bread over to brown the other side, and we all imagined a day that we wouldn’t have to do that seemingly tedious task before your bread burned on one side. Oh, and don’t forget the other side of the toaster with your second piece of bread cooking away. There was a real skill in timing two pieces so they didn’t need to be flipped at the same time without burning your fingers!

I saw this in a big cold antique shop – aka shed, and it made me wonder about how fast my life is flipping along, and how things I used to use are now defunct and considered antique!

BTW, you can have this beauty for $48.00 but it comes with a warning not to plug it in due to possible risk of electrocution.


One thought on “365 Days of Us: Day 69

  1. We had one of these when I was a kid, not sure why and I’m pretty sure we had a modern toaster too but definitely remember having one of these


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