365 Days of Us: Day 71

Wednesday. 1st June 2016.

First day of Winter in Melbourne and Mother Nature came to the party. The cold has arrived. I’m not a winter person at all. I love the heat, and hot and sunny days are where I fit in best.

This blog isn’t about the weather though. It’s about a girl I went to high school with; one half of a set of gorgeous curly hair twins with freckles who I could never tell apart for most of my high school life! Katie has kindly allowed me use one of her ‘doodles’ for todays picture, which she scribbled together today I am guessing, because that’s what she does best? Yeah, go on… it’s crazy right?

I remember being in complete awe of Katie in our Studio Arts class back in ’92 (I think?) From my old weary memory, she had carved and moulded this amazing scene out of clay for her main art piece, and even way back then I thought, geez, “she has some serious talent”. She still does. It’s amazing how her style hasn’t changed much at all either, by which I mean, her design. That sketched, etched, raw simplistic design, that oozes cute and practical and not-too-much-coz-it’s-just-right-kind-of-exactly-what-I’m-looking-for pieces.

Daisies and rabbits and trucks and animals and faces… there isn’t any one thing she can’t draw, etch, paint or sculpt. Cards, invitations, pictures in frames, sculptures for cakes or the shelf, the options are endless and seemingly so effortless for Katie.

This kind of blog is out of character for me, so please don’t think I am advertising, because it so NOT what this is about. Having said that, I am totally happy to plug Katie Jardine art + design… The fact is I truly believe Katie has some serious talent that everybody should see. Check out her pages and see for yourself.

So there you have it Katie Jardine, you made it onto my blog! Ha ha. Very deserved and so worthy of a mention. The world has moved on, but you stayed true to you, doing what you love and have loved for ever, it’s a real credit to you. Not all of us are doing that.

Thank you for lending me your picture for the 1st of June. 😉

Website – Katie Jardine art + design

Facebook Page – Katie Jardine art + design

Made It – Katie Jardine art + design



2 thoughts on “365 Days of Us: Day 71

  1. oh shucks Naomi… i really don’t know what to say other than, thank-you so much for such beautiful words, you have made my day 🙂 katie


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