365 Days of Us: Day 83

Monday. 13th June 2016.

So today Collingwood got pumped by Melbourne. (Well done Melbourne!)

I have followed Collingwood all of my life, but before I start this irate post I want to clear up the following, because unlike most Pies supporters I am a realistic and level headed adult and I do not conform to the normal parameters that other club supporters insist on boxing Pies supporters into. So before you become one of those stupid foot in mouth supporters who love to bag Collingwood out, or just because you’re a moron like I have just described, read the below!

  • I have all my teeth
  • I am literate and actually consider myself to be quite smart
  • I am employed
  • I am educated
  • I am not racist
  • I don’t particularly care for Eddie Maguire or the cranky peanut Joffa in the gold jacket.
  • I can hold an interesting, engaging and intelligent conversation
  • Yes I agree with the anti-Pies-populous that Cloke is fucking useless
  • I also concede not picking the Pies all the fucking time because I now have no faith in them and they’re fucking SHITHOUSE!

I am now considering putting my supporter-ship out there for occupation and am seriously considering shifting my allegiance to another club. Intelligent suggestions are welcome.

**insert gasp of disgust in here**

Yes, I am deadly fucking serious, I know this is really naughty and frowned upon, but they just never fail to disappoint and the footy they play is boring and old.

Collingwood, get your fucking act together or I’m going elsewhere!


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