365 Days of Us: Day 85

Wednesday. 15th June 2016.

Clearly this isn’t my photograph, nor was it taken today. It came across my news-feed just now and I was truly grieved by it at first, but after reading the article it was more of an awakening I guess. I don’t often blog about or include whats going on in and around the world, but I couldn’t let this pass by and if if I am honest, this entire event has affected me.


What this pair of shoes represent is important though. The blood that stains these shoes should be a poignant reminder that we all bleed the same colour.


Blood is not a label. Your gender is not a label. Your race, hair colour, breast size are not labels. We are all human, made of bone, flesh, water and blood.

Being man or woman doesn’t change that. Being straight, bi or gay doesn’t change that either. Nor so for being Catholic, Muslim or Buddhist, it won’t change your blood colour either. You can’t tell from looking at these shoes, whose blood belongs to who; who owed more money or who had a 20 dollar note left to get them through to the next pay. You can’t tell who had kids and who didn’t, who was the aunt and who was the uncle. What about the brothers, or perhaps the sisters and the sons and the daughters? No. The colour of your blood won’t show me any of this.

The fact that it took over 50 innocent lives to show the non-difference of our blood is a senseless waste of life. This was a hating human killing innocent humans, for what ever reason be it race, religion, sexual orientation or maybe all of it with a touch of fucking crazy! It sickens me to the core.

It’s time for the hate to stop.

What this one single colour of blood on these shoes has done, was show that in times of fear, of hate, of terror, of carnage, of confusion and of disbelief and of every other word I can summon to describe the Orlando Massacre is this:

We are ONE. We will triumph over the fear. We will prevail and continue to withstand.

Thank you to those who have stood up for these innocent lives, banded together and made a small difference.

One human bleeding red for all humankind ~ Nom

Pic Credit: Dr. Joshua Corsa M.D, EMT-P Orlando Regional Medical Center Senior Resident, Department of Surgery https://www.facebook.com/joshua.corsa?fref=photo

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