365 Days of Us: Day 107

Thursday. 7th July 2016. – pic credit, somewhere on the internet, just googled it. I don’t actually know this guy. Phew!

For those who travel a bit, and can never find their suitcase? There’s a solution.Fantabulous idea, don’t you think? Never have to worry about someone taking it when you’re plastered all over the side of it.



365 Days of Us: Day 106

Wednesday. 6th July 2016.

My life today… Drilling and collating modules for 60 folders. Pages everywhere.

Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk… this office is HOT… werk, werk, werk, werk!

Gotta love deadlines.


365 Days of Us: Day 105

Tuesday. 5th July 2016.

Foxy dogs will cuddle ANYBODY, including kids dressed in skeleton onesies.

So cute, two of my favourite things in this world.


365 Days of Us: Day 104

Monday. 4th July 2016.

Reading the paper a day late and low and behold, a blast from the past, some old school (can’t really call them mates) ummm kids I went to school with are releasing another album and they’re a full page add in the Herald Sun.

Not my cup of tea really but good luck boys, hope the sales boom.


365 Days of Us: Day 103

Sunday. 3rd July 2016.

Seriously, our Mack dog makes me laugh…

“Look at my nuts… OOOh, yeah, you already have, haven’t you!?”


365 Days of Us: Day 102

Saturday. 2nd July 2016.

Australia Votes.

Am I the only person that wonders why the feck they have a voting page that’s a meter wide, and the cardboard cubicle is 50cm wide?

It’s tough enough working out what numbers to put where to be the most effective, let along wrangling the fucking sheet while you’re trying to find the box you want to number.


Oh, and no sausage sizzle to buy my snag from at the polling place… what the feck is up with that?


365 Days of Us: Day 101

Friday. 1st July 2016.

Ha ha… Mates, they’re the best! The thought that counts right?

Makes me laugh.

Random note notes… Can’t afford a card, this is my last 20 bucks!

Everyone knows a ‘Macca’ and everyone knows a ‘Benny’, just so happens I married a Benny and for a while we lived with a Macca. Kookie hey!