365 Days of Us: Day 98

Tuesday. 28th June 2016.

So I bought some new linen online… something I NEVER do and this was a second, only because they were super discounted and I had already bought the same brand for the boys a week earlier,¬†and they loved them…

Anyway, I ordered a Queen Set of Micro Flannel Sheets. Nice warm snuggly sheets because the flannels we are sleeping in are, shall I say, getting ‘bare’. It’s in my breeding lol.

Sheets turn up in the post and they have packed the wrong sheets. This is a set of “100% cotton – ‘Crisp Touch, Breathable’ linen sheets.

CRISP all’fuckin’right. I chucked them in the wash, straight into the drier, as I do with everything in Winter, and they come out looking like a set of cot sheets, straight from a crinkle cut chip¬†factory. Never in all my life have I seen a set of sheets FRIZZLE into a crinkly ball to the point they won’t even fucking fold up!

Ben says… just iron them!


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