365 Days of Us: Day 110

Sunday. 10th July 2016. Pic credit: My bestie Caroline xxx

Mount Buninyong and snow. The weather has turned for the worst and it’s snowing all over the place. This time of the year I wish I lived further North… like Cairns!!

It was sleeting at footy today. Frozen stiff. Summer can’t get here quick enough.

Bunninyong 13th July

365 Days of Us: Day 109

Saturday. 9th July 2016.

Got my bob back peoples…


This time last year I had short, short hair. It’s amazing how quickly hair grows.


365 Days of Us: Day 108

Friday. 8th July 2016.

Cooking, is what I think I do best. I get asked often about recipes I can share and it’s really cool when old friends who currently on the other side of the world ask me for a recipe, instead of the old Nan across the road. I’m always happy to share the recipes from books I have, but the family hand me down are off limits.

Love this Banana Cake. It’s always delicious, no matter what country you live in!



Weeks and Weeks

Yes, yes… I know, it’s been a gazillion weeks since I blogged. I’m sorry! The 365 Days Blog is back logged like an old back yard shitter with a pull chain, but guess what? Life is about to free up and I am looking forward to flicking through all my pics from the last two months to get up to date. KMN!

Fuck! So much has been going on. Where do I start?

I’ve celebrated my 41st birthday and our eldest 16th. We added a driver to the insurances, won Grand Finals, watched finches hatch and then become fully fledged. I’ve been surprised, I’ve been rewarded, and I’ve been let down too. I worked and I’ve worked some more, I’ve been flat knacker with football duties, birthday cakes, hair do’s, Deb balls and welcomed bubs to the world. It’s been busy.

So stay tuned. I’m getting back on the blog-horse!

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!