365 Days of Us: Day 117

Sunday. 17th July 2016.

More footy! Final round of the Home & Away games for season 2016 was today…Junior finals are next.

I didn’t take a picture today, but I came across a picture of an old school friend Katie, who I have blogged about before. 365 Days of Us: Day 71

Clearly, Katie’s picture caught my attention. My first thought… where are her curls? Probably a selfish thought on my behalf, but then it struck me… What the!? Have I missed something?

My intuition at times can be pretty strong, and I generally am drawn to those who are ‘needing something’. It might just be a random ‘Hi!’ or a “how are you doing?” but some times I get a vibe that something more is going on, but I won’t pry, it just kind of happens. I guess that Day 71 Blog was just that for Katie. A random pick me up. A keep focus on the important things and keep on doing what you do best, without me even really knowing why. I understand now, why Katie was so thrilled to read my blog about her and that it made her day. If I helped in any way, I am so happy to have done that. Just helping someone smile is huge for me, and perhaps it came at a time she really needed it? Who knows.

So back to the picture: Today, Katie posted this picture of herself with her beautiful little Vegemite’s; her strength, and her reason for fighting. Along with her photo, she posted a little about her story…

I have been contemplating for awhile if I would share my story … And I recently had the thought ‘it’s not just about me, it’s about sharing awareness with you’.
On the 29th February I was diagnosed with breast cancer, yes pretty crap stuff!
So far I have underwent 4 months of chemo and have another 2 months to go then radiation then surgery… That is my year, but I feel lucky, as I will see the end of this. I still have emotional days when I’m tired and wonder why? But when I put everything into perspective I have so much in my life to be happy about,
I am lucky.
I am lucky because I have a wonderful husband and 3 gorgeous boys. I am lucky because I haven’t had all of the side effects … I am lucky because I can lay in bed at night and think of all the wonderful people in my life, I am lucky because I have art as therapy, I am lucky because my happy endorphin’s keep me strong! I don’t think about my cancer much, the Doctors are doing that, I am getting treated and my cancer is shrinking… I am lucky.
I want you to be lucky too, Life is too short for unexpected visitors like cancer, so right now while you read this feel your breast and compare them and do this often and you will then notice if there is any different lumps.
Katie x     
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Obviously, this was a huge decision for Katie, to share her most private fight with the very public beast, Cancer. A beast who shows no restraint, no favor, no conditions. It does what it likes but there is one thing that has the power to hold this beast back… AWARENESS! Like Katie asks, and now I’m asking…please check ya boobs, give them the attention they deserve. Play with your puppies and recognise the changes. Act early and be lucky.

Katie, thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for writing about it and opening it up, out into your world and especially to those of us who didn’t know the entire time. I appreciate the enormity it must have taken for you to sit with your three handsome young men and smile because you ARE truly just so lucky!

Keep fighting. Love fully. Enjoy the laughs and good times, and embrace the shit, hard times because I have no doubt that you are beating this beast, and that we will see a post real soon about you finishing your treatments and your surgery, and any other step you need to take and that you’re on the road to recovery. But until then, keep being Katie; one half of two beautiful twins, the girl from high school with the curly hair, freckles and endless talent, a mum and wife, a daughter and cousin and everything else that makes you, YOU.

Thank you for allowing me, yet again, to use one of your pictures as my daily blog picture. Wishing you nothing but the best of health Katie! x

Make sure you turn the teapot twice clockwise and once anticlockwise!



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