365 Days of Us: Day 181

Tuesday. 20th September 2016.  (Bloody blog is doing my head in, so I’m working backwards from today, as well as forwards!)

So it’s been 23 years since I left school. 1993. That last day in November was the last time I saw a multitude of people. Many of them I considered friends. Some were quite close friends. However even when you’re close you still lose touch. Not because of any particular reason, but generally your lives head on different paths and we choose different life choices. It’s part of becoming an adult I guess.

The other part of becoming an adult is the realisation that life really is too short and we should make the ‘effort’ to keep in touch.

A few years back Brooke and I friended one another of the old Facebook. Of course we stalked each others pictures, kept an eye on each others lives from a distance but never really made that effort to properly reconnect.

Well today that ended! After two and a bit decades I had that long awaited coffee with Brooke. I was lucky enough to meet her for gorgeous kids and we talked about mine. We chatted about school for a brief moment, then moved on to our ‘now’ lives; where we have been, a little of what we’ve done and doing now, shared a few experiences and both of us laughed as if we were still in that school yard, sitting on the grass on the oval. It all came pretty darn easy!

Thank you Brooke, for making that effort when I didn’t, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long. Like you said at the car while saying goodbye, we shouldn’t leave it to someone else to make the effort. Just do it. Don’t wait. Reconnect.

So, next time, it’ll be our hubbies, kids and a couple of bottles of wine. That I can promise you, there’s no getting rid of me now. Ha ha!

What a great day!

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