365 Days of Us: Day 122

Friday. 22nd July 2016. (pic of pier off google)

Pokémon Go Hunters at Altona. What the fuck? Seriously.

My Footage.

I can’t get this video to load to this page so here is the link of the footage I took today while trying to find a fucking park to drop something at the real-estate agents.

I have never seen people hanging around in the middle of the day like today. Later that day the picture above was posted everywhere online of the Altona Pier, covered in the ‘social’ Pokémon Hunters… what a crock of fucking shit. Social my arse.

It’s a phenomenon, that’s for sure.

365 Days of Us: Day 121

Thursday. 21st July 2016.

Enough said really, except perhaps maybe more than just one bottle.




365 Days of Us: Day 120

Wednesday. 20th July 2016.

Okay, so this isn’t my finest moment… being a dick at work. No excuses, just is. Don’t judge, it’s the only pic I took today :/

My eyebrows look good lol.


365 Days of Us: Day 119

Tuesday. 19th July 2016.

So this little beauty came into the world today, and made one of my favorite people Relle, a Grandmother.

Her name is River Amelia and isn’t she a beauty! Congratulations to Bood and Brooke, well done! I can’t wait to meet your baby girl.

I can’t say I have ever seen you glow with happiness like this before Relle, it’s really made an impact on you, and you of all people deserve some serious happy in your life. I hope she brings you just that, as a Grand-daughter. Love ya mate xx



365 Days of Us: Day 197

Thursday. 6th October 2016.

So the Boss man and I checked out a new Japanese eatery today in South Melbourne. The main meal was delicious even if I have no clue what it was other than a “chicken curry” of sorts. Toby ordered it in his Japanese tongue lol. Kind of feel ‘small’ not knowing a second language, so I really need to work on that being as it’s on my Fucket list.

Anyway, this was dessert. A Green Tea layered cake. It was so rich but very yummy. Green tea ganache covering a cake of what variety I’m not sure. But it was delicious.


365 Days of Us: Day 196

Wednesday. 5th October 2016.

I had no car today because it was getting serviced and I still had things to get done, so Uber it was to get me around. After having my microderm-abrasion done I checked out the new coffee haunt that all Altona Meadowians are raving about… Favor & Grace on Railway Ave, before app’ing the next Uber home. I am in love with Uber – seriously, how good is it?

I ordered the Porridge with Poached Pear and a Macchiato; times two in the end. It was bloody delicious! Their coffee was tasty, and I’m reasonably fussy when it comes to coffee so it got my thumbs up.  Might be my new favorite place, except for the kid bashing their toy on the table for 10 minutes while mum smiled and laughed at her doing it. My tolerance for kids and noise in that environment is zero to none. But that’s a topic for another day.

Man I love food… good food. Get into Favor & Grace if you can.


365 Days of Us: Day 195

Tuesday. 4th October 2016.

The sebaceous cyst that Sage has been festering for years finally got angry enough and burst last night.

Nothing like a trip to the vet.

Vet Rosmary says to me, you hold her while I clean it up and have a squiz… Ten minutes later we have Sage muzzled and wrapped in a towel. The burley guy who works there too has hold of her head and I have her rear, trying to calm her. Sage was ferocious with pain.

Rosemary is what you would call, somewhat eccentric. She gets excited about gunky, pussy stuff, but I don’t… She’s wiping away and squeezing at the swollen cyst. Oooh’ing and arhhh’ing, swabbing and squirting the raw skin. Then she grabs the tweezers and after a few seconds swings the tweezers across to my wincing face and exclaims “oh look, a clump of fur!” Saliva building in my mouth I breathed back a “that’s nice” while trying not to throw up or pass out. “Oh” she says, “that’s right, you don’t do puss…”

Nope, I don’t. Three clumps later…

We left with Sage’s poor little head like this. A gaping hole in it, raw and angry. That’s fine, but as we leave the rooms, Rosemary adds, you will need to remove the scab daily…

Fuck me! Really?