365 Days of Us: Day 186

Sunday. 25th September 2016.

Where do I start?

What an amazing day today. Breakfast over-looking the Yarra and Flinders Street Station, Yarra Valley wine tour and then dinner at Melba’s. That’s just the main parts. Laughs, wine, sparkling wine, new friends and a beautiful new memory.

Caroline and I have been best friends all of our lives. Grade 2 to be precise. We were 7 years old, or there about and it seems like an eternity, I guess it is when you think about it in terms of how many people aren’t lucky enough to have a lifelong friend at all.

Sure we have had our times where we didn’t see each other for years, and I am not exaggerating. Carol went to Tassie to study – for over 10 years! I went north with Ben to work so we only caught up when both of us were home in Clunes at the same time. It was difficult at times, well, most of the time to continue to relate and appreciate one another. We went to different secondary schools earlier on, making new friends, and boyfriends came along, jobs and study. Just life in general sent us on different paths but those paths always wound back to meet where we would catch up, just like it was yesterday. Lots of bottles of wine or shots in the earlier days. Weddings, birthdays, births and fucking funerals. The normal reasons families reunite. By family, I mean she is my family. A single constant in my life that I could always rely on, no matter what.

This weekend was a first though. In all of the 33 + years we have been friends, we have never had a weekend away, or even a night away together, just to hang out. There has always been kids, our families or other girlfriends, it just never happened to be the two of us.

I am so glad and SO fucking grateful we made the effort this year. The past 24 hours has been so special to me. I keep kicking myself to remind myself just how lucky I am to have this one person in my life. I know I am already so lucky to have a beautiful group of girlfriends here in Melbourne, who I love wholeheartedly, but Caroline is my blood. Nothing will change that. Not ever.

So, thank again, my beautiful sister, for taking the time away from your kids and your hubby, who you don’t see as much as you should of late. I am so happy we are still ‘us’ and that we can just ‘be’ us when around each other. It’s easy to be happy around you. You bring out the very best in me and I am so thankful for you. (and the gazillion selfies we took!)

Love you always!

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