Thursday. 29th September 2016. (pictures cutesy of Kim Anami Google Search)

Vaginal Kung Fu. Yes, it’s such a thing.

Just when you think it’s safe to say that looking good is a state of mind, a bit of exercise and eating well… then there is this!

Kim Anami

Now, we are being told our vaginas need to work out too and the old pelvic floor exercises aren’t anywhere near good enough. At what point do you say to yourself… “Hey vagina! Do you think you could pump a two kilo dumbbell, and then move the fridge so I can sweep behind there when you’re done?” I get the whole pelvic floor thing, it’s benefits in keeping it strong but do we REALLY need to be actively lifting weights with our vagina? Or moving furniture?

Apparently every woman should be a “well fucked woman” who can lubricate profusely and shoot ping pong balls across the room: that’s Kim Anami’s view. Hmmm, interesting don’t you think? She goes on to say “most of the world’s women’s vaginas are NUMB.” By the time you get to the end of the video, she’s convinced all three girls that their vagina’s are above average (have any of them given birth I wonder?) Go to her website and her blogs are, well, pornographic content without being a porn, kinda. Although she doesn’t actively state that you should subscribe and buy her ‘tricks’, it’s completely a gimmick. My personal opinion is she’s grabbing onto the newest niche of sex sells and riding it’s coat-tails all the way to Mexico, L.A and Bali. She’s making huge bucks with her vagina kung fu aka holistic sex and relationship coaching. Is she even in a relationship? What is her longest relationship I wonder?

I know, I know, there will be a few of you who visit this website and become intrigued. I am too, without a doubt, but I truly believe that earth shaking, neighbour waking sex doesn’t need to involve vaginal weightlifting. Far from it. And you shouldn’t have to pay who knows how much to attend a retreat and learn how to bonk.

Rant over…