365 Days of Us: Day 196

Wednesday. 5th October 2016.

I had no car today because it was getting serviced and I still had things to get done, so Uber it was to get me around. After having my microderm-abrasion done I checked out the new coffee haunt that all Altona Meadowians are raving about… Favor & Grace on Railway Ave, before app’ing the next Uber home. I am in love with Uber – seriously, how good is it?

I ordered the Porridge with Poached Pear and a Macchiato; times two in the end. It was bloody delicious! Their coffee was tasty, and I’m reasonably fussy when it comes to coffee so it got my thumbs up.  Might be my new favorite place, except for the kid bashing their toy on the table for 10 minutes while mum smiled and laughed at her doing it. My tolerance for kids and noise in that environment is zero to none. But that’s a topic for another day.

Man I love food… good food. Get into Favor & Grace if you can.


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