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Apocalypse – dream state embellished.

Posted on January 29, 2020

Night of 28th Jan 2020 Confusion and scatter. Wild eyes flicking. The gore and blood spread down chins and chests. Ragged hair, knotted, matted and twisted, gnarled limbs like arthritic fingers with alive nerves twitching in dead flesh, all searching, hungry and wretched. Children, men, old ladies; clenching fists and gnashing their teeth. Crouched beside the weatherboard house, grass scratching and stabbing at my skin, my eyes searching the darkness for a sign of movement. Groans of torture and pain in the distance and all around me. I can smell the blood, heavy and metallic up my nose. “Not mine?” in my mind shaking my head, confused. Stickiness on the wall against my arm as I push up against the boards; fear crippling me.…

Not Me?

Posted on June 3, 2015

I’ve been having some cracker dreams lately. I always dream, every single night, and for me not to dream is a really big thing. My dreams are normally in colour too, or well I think they are, or seem to be… I wonder if that’s just a play on my imagination? As a kid I had nightmares every so often and as an adult, probably even more so. Last nights dream was a weird one, not as weird as some, but for sure it’s not quite right. It was warm, and breezy. I remember the trees and leaves gently blowing in the street I’m walking along. My dark curly hair bouncing around my shoulders. It’s like I can just shut my eyes and I am back there,…