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Posted on February 17, 2015

Being as it was Shrove Tuesday yesterday I thought I would blog about pancakes. To most they’re just pancakes. A sweet, sticky, fluffy disc of love. I love em! Actually, I really fucking love em! I love everything about them. The high they give you. The sheer delight it brings those around me eating them. Their taste. Their texture. To other people they’re a sweet treat, dessert or a special breakfast. But, to me they are the ultimate symbol of Christmas Day. Weird? Fuck yes, I know, but I love it. Christmas Day as a kid was always spent in two places. Usually a hot lunch with Mum’s side at the G Marts (AKA Granny Mart) in Rainbow, followed by a more relaxed tea at…

Third Born

Posted on February 17, 2015

I suppose it makes sense to begin with my earliest memory. Not all my blogs will be memories but I think it’s a good start. I was not quite five years old. Four years and ten months to be exact. It was the middle of June, 1980, wet and fucking cold. At some point my parents moved to Ballarat, the arse end of the world! Mum would travel “home” to Hopetoun, in Northwestern Victoria to deliver my two younger sisters. I was born in Hopetoun too, in 1975. My parents were raised in the area and lived there at the time. However for this particular drive from Ballarat to Hopetoun, a three and a half hour epic journey when you’re a kid, the youngest child’s birth was imminent. I am…