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When it rains.

Posted on August 2, 2017

Ever sit in a cafeteria, in a hospital and wonder, who all the people are, and why are they here? The two young doctors eating lunch together, who managed to unknowingly coordinate a matching outfit of camel chinos, brown shoes and belts, and light blue shirts. Table of four mature aged siblings, chatting over a coffee, perhaps here supporting a parent? Maybe it’s another sibling? Young girl in dark blue scrubs with her shoe scuffs and hair net still on. I’m wondering if she was in the theatre? Middle aged tradie, munching on a sandwich and swiping at his phone… working nearby, or visiting? Who knows. Young Asian doctor, eating his home made dumplings, and sipping his water from his flask. I imagine he’s…


Posted on March 3, 2015

I sat with my mother in-law a couple of days ago, sipping our cuppas and chatting. She’s currently grieving the loss of her mother, Peggy and my heart hurts for her. We are all grieving. We all grieve differently and what is normal to one, is completely alien to another. Death can either bond a family together or rip it apart. You hear it time and time again, and it’s true. Rip or fold. Throw or hold. Peggy lived a long life of ninety one years. She married only once, bore seven children and saw dozens of grand children, great-grandchildren and great, great-grandchildren join the world. The last third of her ninety plus years was on her own after the loss of her husband, Stan aka Grampy. Over the…

Dog Turds and Shortbread

Posted on March 1, 2015

The G Mart, my 85-year-old granny, worked all of her life in the local hospitals kitchen from the tender age of fifteen. Countless early mornings for 60 odd years she walked to and from work, enduring hours of cooking, peeling vegetables, carving meat, plating it all up and then the cleaning. She loved her job and only retired when they forced her to. She sat in the industrial sink on her last day while they doused her in flour, the cheesiest grin on a little old woman you’re ever likely to see. I’m not even sure Gran is five foot. She has a tiny little body of probably less than 40 kilos wringing wet! Short pearl white hair, that’s freshly set every Friday. Daily…


Posted on February 26, 2015

The Club Hotel was the hub of Clunes. At seventeen I worked in the kitchen. It was busy. Real fucking busy. A huge colander of frozen shrimp sat in an even bigger bowl, full of water thawing. I scratched and pulled at the shrimp flesh with my rubber gloves, trying to free them. The heat in there was oppressive. Sweat trickled drown my brow. The chef hollered from behind me that he needed his shrimp for the cocktails. The fresh water running over them was mesmerizing. I was dazed. I needed a beer. Dirty plates stacked high in the buckets. Dirty knives and forks by the hundreds. Half eaten rare steak, scalloped potato cream and peas crammed between plates. The industrial washer pounded its way through them, tray after tray. Steam…