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Apocalypse – dream state embellished.

Posted on January 29, 2020

Night of 28th Jan 2020 Confusion and scatter. Wild eyes flicking. The gore and blood spread down chins and chests. Ragged hair, knotted, matted and twisted, gnarled limbs like arthritic fingers with alive nerves twitching in dead flesh, all searching, hungry and wretched. Children, men, old ladies; clenching fists and gnashing their teeth. Crouched beside the weatherboard house, grass scratching and stabbing at my skin, my eyes searching the darkness for a sign of movement. Groans of torture and pain in the distance and all around me. I can smell the blood, heavy and metallic up my nose. “Not mine?” in my mind shaking my head, confused. Stickiness on the wall against my arm as I push up against the boards; fear crippling me.…

The Grands.

Posted on March 13, 2019

My intuition and sense of ‘gut’ generally serves me right and I am really beginning to appreciate just how strong it can be, even connecting to those people who I consider to be not all that intimately close to. Sleepless nights, and an uneasy feeling, even tingling in my left-hand side, and an urge to cry spontaneously; by allowing myself to listen to my ‘own’ is liberating and sometimes frightening, knowing that someone is telling me goodbye before they go. And so it was yesterday one year a ago I started this blog… I thought I best finish it, but not before I update it at the end.

Over the Rainbow

Posted on August 24, 2017

I’m sad; plain and simple. Today was the first time I’ve ever been to Rainbow and not gone to Grans house. It was surreal, not having her there in real life, supporting us like she has always done. It was strange not seeing ‘dog turds’ and her biscuits on the Church Hall tables after the committal. I’m also grateful, for so many things. She knew I loved her. I had 42 years with her, that’s longer than I had with mum. My boys knew her well and loved her dearly, their little Granny Mart. My love of cooking is because of her. Christmas Day will always have the “men do the dishes” rule, because Granny Mart said. So many things I love about her.…


Posted on January 19, 2017

Most of us reflect in the New Year. I know I do. Mostly while I am sitting beside the river in the ‘quiet’, on my chair with the loud whistling songs of the cicaders around me. It’s the only time I truly stop and recharge.