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Posted on April 12, 2015

Kids sniffing; the constant babble and mumbling to themselves, complaints about it. Right now I’m being ear bashed by a dry sniff that’s about two seconds long. You know the kind? The burning sniff of air sucked out into Mars’ atmosphere. It echoes off his bedroom walls, slams into the hallway walls and bounces around the lounge. My fourteen year old son has a nose that is always running. Particularly when he is in bed or sitting still. We’re close to having some sort of procedure to fix the fucking sniffing. Perhaps my finger shoved up his nostril to my second knuckle might fix it? Its driving me fucking NUTS. He’s been subscribed a nasal spray, which he hates to use. He protests constantly about it when I suggest that just perhaps, it might stop him from…

Fucket List

Posted on April 11, 2015

Sitting in my car yesterday I just happened to be on the right radio station to observe the minute silence for our Australian Cricket Legend the late Richie Benaud, who passed away overnight, aged 84 years. There wouldn’t be many people in Australia, and dare I say the cricket world who wouldn’t know who he is. The man who wore white, the off white, the ivory and the beige. The man who said two for two hundred and twenty-two with such an individual sound through a pursed lip; many of us replicated it, over and over. He was and will for ever be the voice of Australian Cricket commentary. Sitting there in silence I succumbed to something that completely took me by surprise. A pang of grief and loss.…