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Posted on January 19, 2017

Most of us reflect in the New Year. I know I do. Mostly while I am sitting beside the river in the ‘quiet’, on my chair with the loud whistling songs of the cicaders around me. It’s the only time I truly stop and recharge.


Posted on June 26, 2015

I got an email from school today, and in it read, “If your child is away today, please advise us via email blah, blah, blah”. Now, my little fucking head just about exploded. Our eldest is about to turn fifteen and just yesterday he asked me via text if he could have the day off school today. Toe tapping moment, hands on hips…of course I replied with “not a chance Mate!” So, as my mind flapped around like a fucking crazed lunatic, putting two and two together, I began to call him while I browsed the L’Oreal colour chart at my product suppliers. I may have called him, perhaps five times in a minute and of course I got no answer. So then I text him. “Call me NOW!!” …..…


Posted on April 21, 2015

Roast lamb was on the table for dinner last night. The boys walked in from school, house is smelling divine and I get a holler from the front door, “what’s that smell, Mum?” Hmmm, not sure if that was an insult or excitement but I’ll take it which ever it is. At any rate, they all cleaned their plates so it must have been the latter… My Granny Mart taught me to make home-made gravy. Mum taught me to cook a roast lamb. Gran’s thick soup of deliciousness is normally on the salty side if you don’t get in before her to season it first. Starting with a little of the roast fat left in the bottom of the roasting pan, you whack the heat up…